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  • Artist Development        Music Production                Concert Curation                    Music Theory

  • Concert Production         Play writing                        Consultation                            Screen writing

  • Graphic Design               Song writing                       Music Lessons                        Studio Recording

  • Vocal, song writing and dance/movement coaching         Musicianship and ear training 

  • Website design, logo, album artwork and branding          Multi-level photoshoots 

  • EPK, Public Relations and Media Access                         Interview techniques 

  • Video promos to raise your profile online                         Access to top producers & songwriters 

  • Completed EP of 5 full records                                         Online sales (iTunes, Spotify, etc...) 

  • Music video (curation to executed completion)                Live shows      

Fees and Retainer Packages

Voice lessons

Lessons begin with a student evaluation. Based on where they are vocally and their vocal goals that they are trying to reach, we determine how much work they would need with their instructor.


Lesson's are $65.00/per hour (for all ages). When you book more than one hour than the price goes down. See below: 

2 hours a week: $120 (rather than $130 @ $65/hr)
3 hours a week: $180 (rather than $195 @ $65/hr)

It is recommended that you do no more than 3 hours a week, or 2 hours a week depending on your vocal goals.

Voice Lessons, are taught on an individual basis (unless client in a duo, trio or group for performative purposes). This means that the student receives one on one time with their instructor for an hour of singing fun. 


Consultation services are broken down into on site meetings (now offering virtual meetings due to the covid-19 global pandemic) varying on time and topic based on clients’ needs. Via our consultation service, we will assist you in bringing you vision for conception to tangibility. 

During consultation you will receive the MxM toolkit which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Formation

  • Team building

  • Project management

  • Staffing

  • Budgeting

  • Methodology

  • Workshops

  • Calendar assistance for new concept, program, album, etc…

  • Production (live version of goal executed: i.e. concert, play, party, album, etc…)


During retention of consultation services, client is assigned a personal account manager that will ensure execution of services during retainer terms.


Prices for services are the following (prices may vary depending on clients need):

2 hours a week: $200

3 hours a week: $215

            *It is recommended not to proceed beyond 3 weekly hours*


Monthly retainer: $600

            Includes the following:

4 weekly 3 hour meetings with account manager

            MxM Elevated Talent Tool Kit

MxM Elevated Talent Tool Kit Services


Retainer pricing varies depending on selected services.*

PACKAGE 1 – starting at $700 RETAINER (MONTHLY) 

Package 1 gives you development in the areas of voice and movement, musicianship and ear training (It is recommended that voice lessons are consistent for a minimum of 16 weeks for best results). This package is strictly for perfecting that craft of the creative. This package is not meant to be viewed as the final product but more so the institutionalization of musical and artistic pedagogy. 

PACKAGE 2 – starting at $1100 RETAINER (MONTHLY) 

Package 2 is complete with all training and services from package 1 as well as the following: Songwriting, Multi-level photoshoots specifically geared towards creatives artistry, Interview techniques and promotions to raise creatives online presence. This package is for the creative that not only wants to perfect their craft but also wants to create an online presence that would ensure consistent relevancy and dynamic product promotion. 

PACKAGE 3 – starting at $2100 RETAINER (MONTHLY) 

Package 3 is complete with all training and services from package 1, development from package 2 as well as the following:
2 completed records, access to various media outlets, public relation assistance with promotion of completed records (included but not limited to interviews, red carpet access, blogs, etc...). 

PACKAGE 4 – starting at $3500 RETAINER (MONTHLY) 

Package 4 is complete with all training and services from package 1, development from package 2, music services from package 3 and the execution of a 5 song EP, complete with promotion (iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc...), music videos (2), live show bookings (Band/DJ), assistance with online record sales and more.